15 Things Black Gay Men Can Do To Be Better

1. Support black LGBT businesses, movies and the arts.

2. Be politically active. Don’t let lesbians do all the activism.

3. Volunteer, especially in organizations that mentor LGBT youth.

4. Stop putting down feminine brothers.


5. Stop the DL madness — there is no personal growth in it and eventually the truth will come out.


6. Stop thinking bitchiness equals cute. It’s just bitchy.


7. Stop over coordinating your outfits. It’s too much.

8. Stop using monosyllabic introductions. Expand your vocabulary. Can’t you do better than S’up?

9. Stop trying to fuck your best friend’s dude. Develop your own relationships instead of envying those of others.

10. Break out of the clique. Expand your social circle.

11. Stop taking glee in the misfortune of others.

12. Eat healthier and exercise more. The gym is more than a cruising spot.

13. Drop the materialism. Do we really need to know you wear a Rolex and your tag says Gucci?

14. Be fantastic, not fabulous. Being real is awesome.

15. Stop being a crab in the barrel. Uplift your brothers. Don’t tear them down.

 Q: Readers, do you have more tips? Leave them in the comments below.