The Picture Thief

I‘ve heard of this happening but it had never happened to me. Funny, it should occur when I’m 2,669 miles away from home in Los Angeles.

Somebody stole the photos from my Adam4Adam account and set up a new onen with a Los Angeles location. I just happened to be surfing the ads yesterday when…”Hey, that looks like….me? What the fuck?!”

What made the situation serious is that the culprit had taken a private shot with my face picture and made it the main shot. Hey, I’m coming out of the closet but I’m not ready to come out that much.

I sent an email to A4A and they said I had to confirm I was the right profile by sending a photo of myself and a piece of paper with my email address written on it. I did right away.

But before I did I noticed the person who had set up the fake account was online. A4A advises you to first politely ask them to remove the photos. Personally, I wanted to politely punch the asshole in the face with my fist.

“Take my photos down immediately,” I emailed.

“Ha, Ha, don’t you know who this is? It’s me,” they answered back.

Within hours A4A emailed to let me know the profile had been suspended. I have a theory who it was.

A guy in Los Angeles hit me up and said he wanted to get fucked. “Are you into bb?,” he asked.

“No, I don’t do bareback,” I answered.

“I meant burning blunts, not bareback.”

“Look, I may be from the East Coast but I’m not stupid. The term `bb’ means bareback, I don’t care where the fuck you are from.”

Friends advised me not to argue online in future. If you are not feeling a person just ignore them. Because there are some crazies out there and you don’t know what they will do.

I ended up blocking him but by then I had open my private pics. It is very easy to right-click on an image with your mouse and save it to your harddrive. I do it all the time. So they probably did that with mine.

8 thoughts on “The Picture Thief

  1. Fortunately, I never ran across that when I had a profile online but I have heard many stories of guys doing this. Man it's really, really sad the links some guys will go to just to meet/hookup with someone. I got tired of the games, lies and deceit and canceled my account completely.

  2. I met a guy once from DC who was in the legal field or law enforcement off of Adam. Well he invited me over to his hotel room for some fun while in town. After we messed around, i was getting dressed and he was sleep. I sat down at the desk to put on my socks and shoes, when I heard his adam4adam message notification ring. So me being nosy, just slightly bumped the mouse to wake the computer up and saw that he had his picture folder on his hard drive open and at least 50-60 private face and body pictures that he had saved from adam4adam profiles complete with their screen name etc, including mine. I kindly deleted my picture from the folder and emptied the trash and left.

    After I saw that I took all face pics down from my profile. There are some crazy people out there and you never know where you'll end up or who will see you.

  3. Yeah these queens are notorious for doing this. What is going to happen when you want to go fuck the guy and you stole a picture?

    Did they think he was going to fuck him and he looks like Swamp Thing's grandson?

  4. Thanks for commenting on this post!

    Just to add to this convo I heard two stories from people regarding face pics.

    One guy was a high ranking federal official and some hater at work found out he was on Adam and notified his bosses of the profile and face pic. “Marvin” didn't lose his job but he told me he never got promoted again and seemed to be kept out of the loop of major decisions after that.

    He eventually took a job where he works from home more. Sad.

    The second guy, “Ted,” hooked up with a guy who liked him more than Ted liked the hookup. So when Ted told the guy he wasn't interested the man retaliated by taking a copy of his A4A ad, complete with face pic, and posting it on the bulletin board of Ted's part-time job.

    The bad news is that Ted lost that job. The good news is it was a part-time job and not his main gig, which might have been disastrous.

    These are stories I heard straight from the source. I have also heard through word of mouth stories about messy queens who will tell their girlfriends that the friend's (husband/boyfriend/son/lover/uncle/nephew)has an A4A account. Then they will pull up the ad to prove it. But that is just a rumor — I have never heard that from an eyewitness.

  5. Hey Immanuel:

    I am a new reader of your blog, and I have been enjoying reading all of your entries thus far. Going back to the topic at hand, I agree with most of the responses before me. Just from reading this post, I have decided to take down my face pictures as well on A4A.

    It is sad that people have to go to great lengths to hurt someone because of rejection. Most people need to realize that rejection is a part of life, whether we hate them or not. Just take this as a lesson learned and be more selective when it comes to sharing a face photo.


  6. I've been behind on my blog reading so I missed reading this in a timely fashion. If I had known that you were coming to my hometown of LA, I certainly would have suggested a “meet & greet.” =)

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