My First Anniversary!

Wow, June is slipping by so quickly that I almost forgot. This month marks a year since I sat down, clicked a few buttons, and launched this blog.

First of all, I want to thank my readers for all the support. You have shown me love and support, chided me when I fucked up, and pushed me to look inward and analyze myself. I have learned a lot more from you than you have learned about me.

I have had almost 12,000 visitors and 25,000 page views since I started tracking this blog by in August 2009. I am getting readers from 119 nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden (you know who you are in Sweden — thanks for being such a sweet young lady!), Peru, Qatar, Jamaica and Kenya.

When I first launched this blog I was lucky to get 30 peeps reading in one day. Now about 150 people visit each day. From talking to other bloggers that is pretty good traffic for a personal blog.

I’ve made some good and supportive friends, including Brooklyn and Cold Phoenix, who I encouraged to launch his own blog. I’ve also been able to offer advice and support to other men in my situation and get good advice from them as well. I have also connected with some very talented, intelligent and deep brothers such as Raw Daddy.

The highlights of the year: Getting interviewed on James Hipp on Blog Talk Radio and nominated for the Best Gay Adult Blog. I lost that competition but it damn sure was fun being in the running. I also fell in love (or lust?) with my first dude and experienced that roller coaster of emotions. It was a nice ride and I learned a lot about myself and my motivations.

What’s up for the year ahead? I’m tired of having a roommate so at the end of the month I am taking an efficiency apartment in the city. It’s modest and the neighborhood is not the best. However, it is close to the subway and work and it will be place to call my own.

I also want to improve the relationship with my children, one of whom is about to leave the nest, continue dating and developing friendships, and learning to take some more quiet time to just talk to God. Because he is there for me, even when my eye is not on him.

God Bless you all, Immanuel

11 thoughts on “My First Anniversary!

  1. It's a rarity that we get to realize the impact that we have on others. We spend so much time pouring advice, time, and compassion into those that we care about. Well, on behalf of those of us that have been impacted by your life, experiences, and kind words, thank you.

  2. In the few months that I've been following your blog, I must say that you've pushed me to extend my own literary abilities. The way you let us into your life with open eyes, and somehow, leave us wanting more, is a skill that few bloggers have. I love reading your blog; congrats on the one year anniversary! Keep blogging, I'll keep reading!!!


    P.S. Kudos for the little slivers where you let God shine for a sec 😉

  3. Congrats!!!

    God, you have done so much in one year. I’m just thrilled that I get to follow your development like this. Thankful that you give me and others this possibility. It’s very unusual to be able to get insight into such an interesting life journey at the same time as it happens -from the person it happens to.
    And as I’ve said before, I love your honesty. That’s what makes your blog so interesting, relevant and touching. I think honesty is quality.
    And I got a special mentioning!!! (At least I hope I’m the Swedish Lady) I’m very happy and proud about that! 😀


  4. Stay dynamic and true to you. I have read blog in amazment. Continue to explore who you are. Lastly, if you have put greatness into your children greatness will reveal itself in time.

    Great job !!!!!

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