Joseph and Nicholas Part II

“Joseph” and “Nicholas,” the Egyptian and black gay couple, had been hitting me up for days to return and threesome with them again (Read “Fantasy Fulfillment?” ). Or should I say, Joseph the top black guy kept hitting me up.

“You’re sexy man,” he said in a text sent to me last week. “I’ll talk to my boy about setting something up.”

I was tired last Friday but I decided to take them up on the offer after getting off my part-time gig. I arrived at their place at 11 p.m.

Robert came to the door, grinning in anticipation.

“Do you mind if I take a shower? I just got off,” I said.

“Sure, follow me,” he said. Nicholas was sitting on the sofa, watching television. “Hi Nicholas, how are you,” I asked as I walked by.

“Hey, how are you Immanuel?”


By the time I got out of the shower they were already naked and undressed in the their bedroom, standing up and tongue kissing. I had not noticed the first time how beautiful their bodies were. Nicholas’ ass is smooth and unblemished, his ass cheeks round and full like two Golden Delicious apples. And Joseph is tall and lean with a body that looks like it is carved from onyx.

They were a handsome pair, sophisticated and polished.

But the sex that night was anything but demure — it was downright animalistic. Joseph’s dominance came to fore and the sex was rough. He made Nicholas suck first his dick, then my dick, then both of our dicks at the same time. We took turns fucking his mouth, an act Nicholas seemed to enjoy.

“Oh, big black dick,” he moaned.

And once again Joseph pulled out a camera to record the scene.

Then he made Nicholas get on all fours, spit on his hand, rubbed it on his dick, and pushed his fat dick up Nicholas’ smooth ass. My dick is long but Joseph’s is wider with a fat head that looks like a plum.

“Ouch! Ouch!,” Nicholas blurted out as his ass stretched. But Joseph didn’t relent.

“Take this dick. Give me that ass,” Joseph ordered. And Nicholas took the dick.

Then Joseph got up, got a towel and blindfolded Nicholas with it and made him take both our dicks in his mouth. We pushed our dicks in so far that Nicholas gagged sometimes and slid back against an armchair to catch his breath. Joseph would get tender and give him a break but in awhile he would grab Nicholas’ head and force our dicks back into his mouths.

But a curious thing happened while Nicholas was blindfolded. One time my dick slid out of Nicholas’ mouth and Joseph bent over and took it into his mouth, sucking silently for a few moments, as if he didn’t want Nicholas to hear. Then a few minutes later he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth while Nicholas knelt blindfolded at our feet, apparently not knowing his black lover was being affectionate with me while he was making him our bitch.

After the blindfold came off Joseph was back to playing the dominant Mandingo role. We finished on the bed with him fucking Nicholas jackhammer style in the doggy position. I was not allowed to fuck Nicholas but I watched, jacking off.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I busted my nutt all over Nicholas face while Joseph pounded him. My semen came out of my dick in streams that covered Nicholas’ face like icing on a Danish.Then Joseph busted his load up Nicholas’ ass. They do not wear condoms with each other, I guess because they are lovers and only do penetration one-on-one.

Then I showered again and we talked for awhile and I hit the door. It was late and I had a 40-minute drive home.

Tonight Joseph and Nicholas sent me an email with this message and a picture:

Hey Immanuel,

Hope you have a good week. We enjoyed having you over last Friday. Here is a “small” memento of your visit.

Immanuel (left) and Joseph (right)  punishing Nicholas’ mouth.

11 thoughts on “Joseph and Nicholas Part II

  1. Sounds like you're getting a regular threesome going, good for you. Also wow you have an amazing dick I would love to suck on it too!!!

  2. No offense but your not that big in size!!

    It looks pretty average, both of you actually but this might be stereotype but I thought gay men get their private shaved.

    I mean I do and most of the men I know do, it might be a Bi-sexual thing.

  3. Nice. I had a encounter w/this couple too – it was pretty hot. Joseph didn't suck me off though I did get to play w/his booty & Nicolas sucked us both. Wouldn't mind getting up w/them again…

  4. Anonymous: Of course my dick looks smaller LOL It was just getting hard and the head and some of he shaft was in his mouth so you couldn't see the full effect LOL!

  5. guys i feel bad for nicholas. hope he doesnt read this. not because of one comment in particular, but the whole avalanche of comments with this poor real real ife guy, blindfolded taking mandingos big ccoks… god i wish it was me,but without the exposure,lol

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