The Dating Game

I am dating now, exploring. Having fun. Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you.

Each man is different. They all bring me something unique. And I give them something back. Let me introduce them:

Bachelor #1: Lives in a city to the north. He is in his late 40s, is a manager at his company and lives in a big, old, drafty house that costs a $1,000 a month to heat and cool. He is a big guy, like a football player, with a dick to match. But he sings in a choir and when I close my eyes he sounds like a white boy from the suburbs. Proper and all that.

But the sex is good, we can play for hours nibbling and sucking and licking and rubbing each other.  However he is busy and I am busy so we seldom see each other although we text each day.

“I was thinking good thoughts about you this morning,” he said in a text sent today.

Grade: B-  I really want to hang out and do things like the movies or a concert and not just sex. There is potential if we can take the action outside the bedroom. Otherwise this is just a glorified hookup.

Bachelor #2: Is an older tall, light-skinned brother from the South who I met when he asked me to dance at a club. He happens to work at the train station that I commute to and he will call and talk to me for a few minutes as I walk back and forth to my train at the beginning and end of the day. In fact, today he escorted me through the gates so I could board the train early and get a good seat. He is courteous and kind and handsome but shy.

Grade C  I think we may end up just friends but we haven’t had much time to date so we will see. He wants to go out Saturday night again but I may be booked. I will try to give him time. The quiet ones can surprise you.

Bachelor #3: Okay, we met at a sex party a few weeks ago and just hit it off because the sex was great. Can you spell c-o-u-n-t-r-y? He is also a southern guy, with a thick Alabama accent and slow ways. Slender and not so nice looking in the face at all — he reminds me of a Sharpei dog. But he is attentive, a hard worker and freaky as hell in the bedroom (damn I love southern men!). We have done a carryout and a movie at home, snuggling on the sofa. Nice.

Grade A- There is some potential here. Today he said he wouldn’t mind a relationship with me. I said I was open to it. It’s not something I want to rush, though so we need to go on more dates.

Bachelor #4: I like this dude because we have a in common. He is separated from his wife and we have children close in age. He has taken me under his wing and is showing me gay clubs. He likes jazz and wants to do weekend jazz trips or go to the beach. We have worked out at the gym — we’re both into fitness and our children. When we have sex sometimes I feel like I’m being attacked though — he says my body and big dick excite him and he works me over. He enjoys frottage — rubbing together and not getting penetrated but it’s cool.

Grade B+ : He knows I play with others and I know he has his regulars. Sometimes he plays more of a fatherly role with me since I’m newer in the game but we can definitely continue being friends with benefits if nothing deeper develops.

4 thoughts on “The Dating Game

  1. What a great post! I think it's important to have some rating /ranking going on in your head about the brothas you see. I'm finding that the man that you dig can come in so many different packages. I have fubdamental requirements but no syllabus. I need to get my red pen out!

  2. I like #2. A slow start that you both time to actually get to know each other and actually build a foundation on which a relationship can stand. Everyone else are just variations of a fuck buddy.

    Peace, D1961

  3. good luck.. i surely hope bachelor number 3 does not read your blog… you related him to a dog's “face” LOL

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