Five Things I Like About Gay Men

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, a few months back I wrote about what I hated about some gay men — materialism and inflated egos to name a few. I got a several positive compliments but a lot of flack from a gay guy whose opinions I value highly. He said I shouldn’t categorize folks.
Well, since today is a holiday and I’m eating with the family at relatives and don’t have to cook a lot (well, I am going to make BBQ ribs but that’s easy!), I have time to write a quick blog about what I like about gay and bisexual men. Okay, I’m categorizing again. But this time I’m categorizing in a good way.
1. Sense of Style: There are gay men who walk around looking like bag men, but most whom I met have a superior sense of style. Want to know what will be in style next year? Look at what your gay friends wore two years ago!
2. Sense of Joy: Hey, many gay folks know how to have fun. Go to a gay bar and see all the people dancing. Many don’t even bother to have a partner. They just go out there and flow with the music. I went to a local gay bar with a friend last night and just stood on the sidelines, enjoying the show and swaying to the music. I guess being gay can be difficult in so many ways gays learn to find joy where they can.
3. Friendship: Gay men cheat just like all men. Sex is sex. But when you befriend one you have a friend for life. “Andre” and “Rex” have gone from being sexual hookups to almost brothers. I can talk to them about anything and they are brutally honest with me. I mean brutal. Every man needs a friend to tell him when he’s doing well and when he is fucking up.
4. Toughness: Being a gay or bisexual black man is no joke. Yeah, things are getting better, gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts and several states, and gay rocker Adam Lambert kissed a dude for all the world to see on “American Music Awards.” But to be gay in the face of societal, religious and familial pressure is a major accomplishment. Being gay, especially openly gay, is not for the faint-hearted.
5. The Sex!: Sex with women is great! There is nothing like the feeling of plunging your dick in a wet tight pussy, or feeling a woman’s body vibrate with pleasure as you eat her out. But sex with dudes is intensely pleasurable as well. A man knows how to please another man. Plus, it can be much rougher than with a woman. It’s like a good gym workout! Sweaty, hot. As long as you got the right dude.
Well, I didn’t mean to write long and I won’t. Thanks for reading my blog. I am humbled by all the encouraging compliments.

2 thoughts on “Five Things I Like About Gay Men

  1. Hold Ya Head Up by Cav 8/09

    Don't give up when it seems everything is going wrong.
    It's the very time the best is right around the corner stay strong.
    When your friends prove who they really are.
    Don't be consumed by failure, fear.
    When the one who you thought loved you kicked you to the curb.
    Remember, you made it through other crisis…
    it's alright…you'll go far.
    You go from 6 figures to down to zero
    It's not over…just remember.
    Failure happens to the best people.
    You work hard so it won't often be repeated.
    It's not a measure of who you are nor who you will become.
    The lessons in life are meant to teach us that there is only one.
    One source, one love, one life.
    We're all connected but all wonder why.
    The love of self comes from within.
    The winds teach us that over and over again.
    Continually loosing yourself, and finding yourself and reinventing.
    It all goes back to the very beginning.
    You become new…in mindset,
    goals and relationships.
    Yet somehow, the old won't completely go away…
    waiting just to trip.
    Material things are only byproducts of the efforts you put in.
    Never get lost in the shallow…because if you do in the end…
    you will never win.
    So, hold ya head up no matter the season.
    You , your life, your spirit, the reason.

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