Five Things I Like About Gay Men

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, a few months back I wrote about what I hated about some gay men — materialism and inflated egos to name a few. I got a several positive compliments but a lot of flack from a gay guy whose opinions I value highly. He said I shouldn’t categorize folks.
Well, since today is a holiday and I’m eating with the family at relatives and don’t have to cook a lot (well, I am going to make BBQ ribs but that’s easy!), I have time to write a quick blog about what I like about gay and bisexual men. Okay, I’m categorizing again. But this time I’m categorizing in a good way.
1. Sense of Style: There are gay men who walk around looking like bag men, but most whom I met have a superior sense of style. Want to know what will be in style next year? Look at what your gay friends wore two years ago!
2. Sense of Joy: Hey, many gay folks know how to have fun. Go to a gay bar and see all the people dancing. Many don’t even bother to have a partner. They just go out there and flow with the music. I went to a local gay bar with a friend last night and just stood on the sidelines, enjoying the show and swaying to the music. I guess being gay can be difficult in so many ways gays learn to find joy where they can.
3. Friendship: Gay men cheat just like all men. Sex is sex. But when you befriend one you have a friend for life. “Andre” and “Rex” have gone from being sexual hookups to almost brothers. I can talk to them about anything and they are brutally honest with me. I mean brutal. Every man needs a friend to tell him when he’s doing well and when he is fucking up.
4. Toughness: Being a gay or bisexual black man is no joke. Yeah, things are getting better, gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts and several states, and gay rocker Adam Lambert kissed a dude for all the world to see on “American Music Awards.” But to be gay in the face of societal, religious and familial pressure is a major accomplishment. Being gay, especially openly gay, is not for the faint-hearted.
5. The Sex!: Sex with women is great! There is nothing like the feeling of plunging your dick in a wet tight pussy, or feeling a woman’s body vibrate with pleasure as you eat her out. But sex with dudes is intensely pleasurable as well. A man knows how to please another man. Plus, it can be much rougher than with a woman. It’s like a good gym workout! Sweaty, hot. As long as you got the right dude.
Well, I didn’t mean to write long and I won’t. Thanks for reading my blog. I am humbled by all the encouraging compliments.