Two Threesomes, Fried Fish, Macaroni and Cheese and Slaw on the Side

Doing a threesome is always an unpredictable venture, which is why I like doing them so much. Its’ like gambling, only your pleasure is at stake, not your money.

Wednesday was a holiday so I had all day to play. I hadn’t had good sex in weeks so I was looking to get some. But would my gamble pay off?

A buddy of mine, “Emmett,” invited me over to his place to for my first threesome of the day with a buddy of his, “Luke.” Emmett is a handsome, dark-skinned beefy brother with a fat dick. He comes from the south, and has a warm, down-home manner that is like a ray of sunshine in our metropolitan area, which like most cities in the north has a reputation for cool, unfriendly folks.

Emmett is also HIV positive but is upfront about his status. I admire that about him — putting your status out there can lead to quick rejection which is why so many guys lie.

I was also looking forward to meeting Luke, who I have chatted with online for a year, but never met. Emmett and Luke have been friends since Emmett first arrived in our city years ago. When Luke arrives they start bantering back and forth, sometimes gossipping about folks I don’t know. It was nice to sit back and listen to them.

Finally, we went downstairs to Emmett’s playroom and the fun started. Emmett is the best kisser I know – his tongue felt like velvet as it explored my mouth. And Luke, a tall, light-skinned brother with a neatly trimmed beard and long, slim legs, gave good foreplay. He licked my nipples, sucked my dick and softly massaged my legs and arms.

But when I tried to fuck Luke his ass was too tight. “It’s been a few months,” Luke said. I tried a couple of times and my penis went part of the way in and it felt good, but I didn’t want to force the issue. And Emmett had problems holding his erection so he lay back and watched Luke and I go at it, joined us, or played with us one at at time.

The point was that it was not about banging each other out like porn stars. It was about two buddies and one new friend taking time to get together, talk, bond through sex, and go about our business. I think using sex as a way of bonding is something most heterosexuals don’t get but bi- and gay folks do all the time.

It was a pleasant, sensual way to spend the morning. Thanks Emmett and Luke.


Okay, I left Emmett and Luke and went on to my next threesome with my long-time buddy “Andre.” Andre had set up a threesome with a 35-year-old versatile dude who loves to get fucked, “MacKenzie.”

But before going to Andre’s I went to a soul food joint downtown and got one of my favorite meals – fried fish with macaroni and cheese and coleslaw on the side. Two corn-mealed fried croakers with plenty of hot sauce.

I ordered at the lunch counter and fell to talking with the waiter and two black guys eating a late breakfast. Of course the conversation turned to the “Beltway Sniper” John Allen Muhammed who had been executed by lethal injection the night before.

“I was so surprised when they captured him and he turned out to be black – I was sure it was a crazy white man,” said one of the guys at the bar, a dark-skinned dude with large, slightly portruding eyes and crooked teeth.

“I come from Baton rouge and grew up the next road over from him,” he continued. “He was crazy then. He used to beat up his first wife all the time and the whole neighborhood would hear it.”

I listen and join the conversation but don’t say what I’m thinking deep inside. Was Muhammed a repressed homosexual? I mean, what grown man rides around the countryside shooting folks with a young teenage boy? And all the photos have them sitting side by side looking just like lovers – the black male Thelma and Louise.

Oh well, just a thought.

I got to Andre’s apartment. He knew I was coming so like always he left the door open and I just walked right in. He was back in his bedroom, surfing the computer for more sex hookups.

“Hey, you want some fish, man,” I ask.

“No, I’m not hungry.”

“Okay, well I’m going to sit down and eat.”

“Okay, shoot yourself.”

I like my fish with ketchup and hot sauce. But no ketchcup turned up after a search of Andre’s kitchen cabinets and fridge.

“Hey, you got any ketchup?” I call back to the bedroom.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Okay, I’ll just have to eat my damn fish with nothing but hot sauce.”

After I ate I rinsed my mouth to get rid of the fishy smell and hopped in bed. McKenzie wasn’t there yet but soon Andre, an oral top, started working me over. He went from my ass to my dick to my nipples, flickering his tongue over me like a snake. He even tried a new technique, using his tongue to “thump” against my asshole and nipples.

The sound and the feel of his tongue lapping sent tingles up and down my body. “Shit, do that again…lick my nipples like that again,” I said.

But no sooner than he started than the doorbell rang and McKenzie was there. I am dark-skinned but he was even darker. His skin as the color of semi-sweet chocolate and just as smooth.

Andre walked into another room and I got started sucking McKenzie’s nipples. He was shy at first but soon he heated up and I was fucking him all over Andre’s bed. At one point I had him lean over the footboard while I fucked him from behind savagely, pushing his body into the wooden rail with my dick like a hammer beating a nail.

Andre leaned back in the rocking bed and watched, his dick hard as a rock. He took over awhile and fucked McKenziedoggy style. I loved looking at McKenzie’s face while he got fucked – the mixture of pleasure and pain.

We fucked so long and hard I was sweating and took a break to shower with McKenzie, taking that opportunity to push his body up against the cold tile walls and rub my dick between this dark thighs. Then we dried off and went back to bed and fucked a little longer and I jacked off.

I actually busted two nutts – one on McKenzie’s face and chest and seconds later on his torso. I hadn’t cum earlier so the nutt was all backed up in my groin. I came so much I felt like I was pissing.

We talked awhile and then McKenzie and I dressed and said goodbye to Andre, thanking him for the hospitality. Andre had another bottom coming over to fuck after us – a light-skinned dude. We were his chocolate but guess he wanted vanilla too.

This morning Andre sent me this text:

“Damn shame i am still horny it keeps coming in my mind how hot it was watching u 2 go at it. Damn that was hot as hell…”

Glad you liked it Andre. Take care.