“Graham” is a good fuck. Tight body, smooth, light-brown skin. Aggressive but receptive at the same time. And he could take my big dick like a champ but his ass was still as tight as a virgin.

Later, I found out he used to be a gay porn actor. “Yeah, I could see why,” I told a mutual buddy who passed on that tidbit to me.

But when the clothes came off and I looked at his body there were long scars all along his throat and chest. They looked like streaks of white lightning against his brown skin.

“How did that happen?,” I asked.

Graham looked a me a moment. He is a freak in bed but when the sex is over he is not too talkative. He is the fuck-me-and-roll-out type. But still polite.

“I had a lover,” he began. “I wasn’t feeling him any more and wanted to leave him. So I told him I was going. I went to bed and I woke up with him standing over me with a knife. He started stabbing me. I fought him off though.”

“Oh, shit, that’s deep man,” I say, sounding surprised. But I’m faking. I’m not surprised. I’ve heard it before.

There is a dude that lives in a city to the north of me who has been sucking my dick for two years now. I call “David” my sexy geek and Mr. Banana Dick. He is a IT professional and real estate investor. Slender and a little geeky looking. But when he pulls down his pants there is a anaconda hanging between his skinny legs. He likes to suck me off on his knees and jack his fat dick at the same time. Or suck me off 69 style and jack cum onto my chest. It’s always hot. We usually cum at the same time.

But one day when he was busily sucking me off I broke out of my reverie and glanced down at his bobbing head. On the back of his skull was a long scar that ran up from his neck.

“How did that shit happen?” I asked him later.

Same story. Fucked up lover. Fight happens. He gets slashed.

“Colin” is a younger military guy I used to roll with. You can say I fell in love with this cat (I will write about that later). Colin is the total package. Bright. Ambitious. Articulate. Masculine. And the sex is volcanic.

“Fuck me with that big dick,” he would say as I banged away at him doggy style. “Fuck me up in my guts!”

But Colin has a keloid scar that runs along his jawline. His story: He was in a gay bar and his buddy got into a fight. He broke it up but the other guy pulled out a knife and slashed him. Since he was in the Navy that got investigated…it was a bunch of drama.

What’s the moral of all this? Some gay men have told me since society is so down on gay men, and especially gay black men, that some men take it out on others through violence.

I don’t buy that shit. Gay relationships can be loving or just as violent and obsessive as some straight man-woman or lesbian relationships. We’re all human with human goodness and faults. It don’t matter how you roll sexually.