Boring Sex

You can get lot of no-string sex online from dudes. But take it from me, an experienced down-low freak. But 90 percent ain’t worth getting your dick hard for.

I’ve been busy in the last couple of weeks, which is why I haven’t written. I’m embarking on a new career course and am juggling several on-the-side gigs plus family responsibilities. I’m a hard-working brother who likes to bring my A-Game every time.

That’s why getting bad sex from online sex irks me. I don’t have a lot of time to waste.

I recently hooked up with “Chuck,” a formerly married, tall, middle aged brother. Chuck is pushing 50 but keeps his body in shape and has a high tight, smooth brown ass. He loves to get fucked in a bedroom in his basement. The atmosphere reminds me of 70s porn movies — wood paneled walls and scented candles burning.

Chuck is good to fuck but sex for him — and a lot of other people I roll with — is all about getting my big dick in their asses. Chuck gives little foreplay. He will suck your dick a minute.

“Do you kiss?,” I venture to ask.

“Oh, I’m not really into doing that unless we’re dating,” Chuck says.

I think to myself. That’s fucked up. I’m eating your ass out until you are moaning in delight, caressing your body, nibbling your ears and even sucking your toes before pumping my dick into you until I’m pouring with sweat. And this lanky motherfucker can’t even give me a kiss.

I make up my mind right then and there to drop Chuck. No more dick for him. In recent weeks I have done to several regulars. Guys who want to lay back and get banged but not give nothing back get dropped. I hate lazy bottoms.

My buddy “Baron” explains how I got myself into this predicament. “Guys see that long black dick and all they are thinking about is getting fucked. Not about giving foreplay.”

Baron has a point. I can’t disagree.