A Threesome Minus One Equals…

I threesomed with a gay couple named “Sonny”and “Antoine” about two years ago. It was a weird scene.

Antoine sat on the sofa, watching a Sunday afternoon football game, pretending I wasn’t on the floor on a mat in front of him, letting his boy slurp my dick. Antoine had specifically ordered me not to touch him or try to get him to participate in any way.

But when I glanced up Antoine had his long dick out of his sweatpants, masturbating furiously but still staring straight ahead at the football game. Then I broke the rule of his odd sex game. I ordered Sonny up and told him to suck Antoine’s dick so I could watch. Why should Antoine get to enjoy a show and I couldn’t?

From that day on Sonny would hit me up online but I never got an invitation back. I think Antoine was angered that I took control of the situation and ordered his bottom boy around.

But today I was online and Sonny hit me up under a new profile different from the one he runs jointly with with Antoine on a gay sex hookup site.

“Where is your boy?” I asked.

“He’s at work,” Sonny said. “Come over, but don’t tell anybody you did. And if you threesome with us again, don’t mention that you came over by yourself.”

Okay. I got it. Sonny was tired of being controlled by Antoine and for one day was going to get some independent dick. Some dick that didn’t have to be approved by Antoine.

I drove over and Sonny answered the door. He is a tall, dark-skinned brother with a high ass and a lean body. He is not very handsome but he is gracious and has a serene air about him. A blanket was spread on the living room floor. Hidden under one corner was a bottle of lube and three condoms.

I have to admit I was excited. It was like stealing a juicy red apple out of your neighbor’s garden. I was determined to fuck Antoine’s boy and make him moan better than Antoine could. And nobody would know but me and Sonny (and of course you blog readers).

We stripped and stood in the middle of the floor, caressing each other. I nibbled Sonny’s neck and then moved down and tongued his nipples, circling my tongue around his dark aureoles. I could feel him melting in my arms. Goose pimples popped up on his chest and arms. “Yeah, you’re feeling it,” I thought.

Then I pushed him on the floor and started nibbling and licking him from his balls down to his asshole and back, switching the rhythm of my flicking tongue. Fast, slow, fast, slow.

Then we 69ed and sucked each other off for awhile. Sonny can suck some dick. He held my long black dick in his hands and slowly moving his tongue up and down the shaft, his tongue slowly massaging it.

When we fucked I went hard. We started missionary style. I pulled his legs straight up in the air, holding his ankles in my hands, and sliced my dick in and out of his narrow tight ass. I pumped so hard Sonny’s head hit the television cabinet in front of us. But he didn’t seem to mind. He was in the zone, his face a mixture of pain and pleasure. He bit his lips and moved his head from side to side.

“Oh Immanuel, oh Immanuel,” he moaned softly. Sonny has a big dick like mine and he stroked it while I fucked him. The precum leaking from his dick made his stomach slick and shiny.

We ended with him sitting astride me, pumping up and down on my dick like a pogo stick. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum,” Sonny finally said. And he did in thick milky lumps that spattered all over my stomach.

Despite his passion I could tell he was nervous. He was washing clothes and when the machine cycled it made a sound like a door lock turning. Sonny stopped pumping on my dick and nervously glanced at the door like Antoine was about to walk in. He had a look like a deer caught in the headlights.

I didn’t cum but I didn’t care. The pleasure I gave him gave me pleasure. I’m not one to judge his relationship. Maybe Antoine is overbearing, even abusive. Gay relationships can be just as fucked up or just as healthy as straight ones.

I’m just glad I was able to give Sonny some secret pleasure, a brief escape.