Making an Honest Man Out of Me

The reaction to news I am going to limit my male-to-male interactions to Idris has caught blog readers and my regular hookups by surprise.

“You are crushing a lot of hearts – including mine,” one blog reader emails me on a gay hookup Web site.

Another correspondent, “Phillip,” writes that he wishes he had hooked up with me just one time before I decided to go the monogamous-man route. Phillip also blogs, mostly inspirational messages about his strong faith in God and his family’s antics. Reading his work has prompted me to consider putting more faith in the Lord and less in mindless sex.

Coincidentally our families both hail from the same Southern state from neighboring towns so we have a lot in common. What Phillip and I have most in common is that our families are both crazy! You know, the type of relatives who get in fistfights over the last rib at cookouts!

Phillip read “Idris’ Offer” and his emotions toward me came pouring out. They startled me. He said the eroticism in my blogs aroused him and he really was looking forward to meeting me, if only just to embrace and kiss. I promise him we will meet one day in a public for coffee or a drink and I mean to do that.

Other readers say they understand where I am coming from. “Rudy” is another married down-low man I swing with. He is half black and half American Indian, tall and light-skinned, with straight, sleek hair. Rudy is a top with a long penis like a spear and knows how to use it.I love watching him fuck and he loves to watch me. We have threesomed twice, giving willing bottom dudes an exuberant tag-team treatment. When there was a break in the action we would kiss and play with each other.

“Believe you, I know what you mean,” Rudy says by email when I tell him I’m ready to stick to one person. So perhaps he yearns for a steady male friend too.

I tell Rudy I will remember the fun we had and I want to stay in touch. “Don’t worry…believe me, you’re one hot man,” he responds.

“Maxwell” runs a down-low married men’s club that meets every month or so for sex parties (See July 21 entry — “Interview: The Down-Low Black Men’s Club.”) I’ve been a card-carrying member of this organization more than two years. The parties are usually held during Happy Hour on Thursdays or Fridays so members can drop in on the way home from work and have a legitimate reason for arriving home and hour or so late. Members enter Max’s home and drop their $20 membership fee in a bowl by the door. In return, Max supplies liquor, snack food, porno movies and plenty of condoms, lube and sex toys.

Max has teased me for some time, saying eventually I will slip into a relationship with one dude. My response is usually, “Negro, please!” He read the blog abut Idris and we talk by phone last night. I confirm my decision and Max sighs wistfully. Max himself wants a partner who will understand he likes to have group sex with his bevy of married men. Ideally, Max’s mate will play with him or let him go have his fun.

The next meeting of the married men’s club is this Friday night. Max asks whether perhaps Idris and I would like to come to the party together. But I decline although I am tempted to go to the party– I like being the star of the show, assaulting party guests with my big dick.

For some reason I only want my woman and Idris now.

“Are you trying to turn me into an honest man out of me — a Ho with a heart of gold?,” I joke with Idris on the telephone last night.

Idris says we will see.