Down-Low Brothers Walk Among You

We’re all around you. We drive the buses and trains that take you to work. We’re your bosses, your fellow-coworkers, your church pastors, your mailmen. Your lovers. Your brothers. Your cousins. Your uncles. Your fathers — damn, maybe even your grandpas. And most importantly your husbands.

We are down-low black men — men you “get down” and have sex with other men. Many of us our married, got a girl at home and get the kids off to school. But we have secret lives.

Four years ago you would have never told me I would be a down-low brother. I have a beautiful wife and kids, a lovely home — all that shit. But I tried out a dare and got hooked. Now I am in big demand. I have lovers all over our fine city– a metropolitan area on the eastern seaboard. I have gotten down with college presidents and professors, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, school teachers, ministers, journalists, truck drivers — you name it. One-on-one, in threesomes, in groups.

My actions have threatened my marriage, caused me great guilt, and made me question who I am and what I want to be. But at the same time I have opened up a new part of myself and strangely I feel more in-tune and at peace. I guess I’m a freak with a heart of gold. I want to tell you my story. I’ll start at the beginning but come back to the present to let you know what’s up now. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Down-Low Brothers Walk Among You

  1. Nasty Fucker!!!! I hope your wife kill you… You sick bastard!!!… And trust me she will find out… nasty gay as mother fucker!!!!

  2. Anonymous–it's because of folks like you I decided to write this. Thanks for you opinion…positive or negative.

    And everyone please read Mike Warren's books. His latest is “Sweet Swagger.” Google that joint!

  3. Besides a refresher in spelling Anonymous 9:08 needs some understanding. Human sexuality is a very complicated thing. It shifts and changes and is not as simple as some think. I am learning and enjoying reading the blog.

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