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Florida Swinging: Fun at the Boardwalk

“Van” and I are having too much fun in Ft. Lauderdale. Tonight we hit a local bar/restaurant called Boardwalk and had a ball with the bartender Roger and Daniel and the other dancers. Enjoy the pics!







About immanuel22

Five years ago I was a married man who acted on a fantasy, tasted the forbidden fruit, and made a leap over the rainbow to the gay side. This is my continuing story.

9 responses to “Florida Swinging: Fun at the Boardwalk

  1. worst_1_yet ⋅

    Nice. I think I’d like to get to know the guy in the red trunks a bit better.

  2. I see i have go down to ft.Lauderdale with the two of you next time. Wow !!! Where are the butt shots? I get spoiled easily.

  3. Smoove25

    Thanks for the pics! These guys are sexy. I really like your blog! You’re a mature man & I appreciate what you bring to the table.

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