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13 responses to “Back in Florida!

  1. Damonjay ⋅

    Have fun and try not to behave yourself. :)

  2. Tinsel ⋅

    Where is the rest of the write-up….or is this just a teaser? Now you got me eager for what’s to cum soon…haha!

    Btw, Happy Birthday Immanuel!!

  3. worst_1_yet ⋅

    Happy Birthday! Sounds great.

  4. LM ⋅

    Happy Birthday Immanuel. I Enjoy your blog immensely. Make sure to plan a return trip in 2015; new bar establishment will be rising from the rubble designed and created by yours truly :)

  5. Calvin ⋅

    FULL-JOY IT! Lived there, loved it, and would do it again. Provided that they change their archaic laws 1st ;0)

  6. Calvin ⋅

    OH, & HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMMANUEL! Here’s to peace, prosperity and productivity for 2O14 & beyond.

    Great sex all around too, ya ANIMAL! LOL #LoveOnTop

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