Sexual Imprinting


Beaver (actor Jerry Mathers) and his dad Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont).

While out in Los Angeles earlier this month I caught up with my screenwriter buddy “Drake” at my usual hangout the 24 diner on Santa Monica.

Drake grew up in the hood in Oakland, was a hip hop dancer for rap artists back in the day, and can debate any black issue of the day, including the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Despite his black consciousness Drake has had a white lover going on 20 years. And by white I mean middle American, straight-laced, Perry Como-looking white.

They get along well and are deeply committed but when you see them together you think “How the fuck did those two get together?”

But Drake says “Michael” is his type. The fatherly white type.

It seems when Drake was growing up he was hooked on shows like “My Three Sons,” “Leave it to Beaver,” and “The Brady Bunch.”

And as a young budding gay lad he found himself attracted to the white Daddys he saw on the family TV.

“Hey, I like what I like,” he says without a trace of shame or guilt.

I’m just a few years older and watched the same shows. But hell I would do John Amos from “Good Times” or Clifton Davis From “That’s My Momma” before Mr. Cleaver, the father of Beaver.

Q: Readers do you think the men you saw on TV or comics in your youth influenced your taste in men?

How to Have a Sex Party for Pleasure and Profit

“Van,” the guy I date, has been to bathhouses but never a sex party. So for his birthday a few months ago I held a sex party at my place in Baltimore.

I text messaged some of our freakier friends and put an advertisement on Adam4Adam. To my surprise 30 guys descended on my row house, sucking and fucking all over my three bedrooms.

We had folks come from as far as Wilmington, Philadelphia and Richmond and had to kick the last guests out after the sun rose. Everybody seemed to have a great time, especially the guest of honor Van.

“That was fun but you know Van, if we had charged $10 a piece, we would have made $300 last night,” I said. “I could have really taken you out for a nice dinner today.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

And Van looked at me. And I looked at him. And a light bulb went off in my head.

“You know, we should have sex parties to make some extra money,” I said.

The key to a great sex party is to create a sexy vibe and make  your guests feel comfortable. Photo courtesy of

The key to a great sex party is to create a sexy vibe and make your guests feel comfortable. Photo courtesy of

“Hey, I will help you out,” said Van, who is always good, game and ready to go.

And that’s how it started. Van and I have had about five parties. We have made about $200 to $250 in profit on each one — not a great deal of money but some nice walking around cash for the weekend.

Here’s our 7 rules for how to have a  good one:

KNOW YOUR MARKET: Look on Adam4Adam or Craigslist to see who is having parties and where. In Baltimore several young guys in their 20s have parties and there is this guy who has a warehouse space who charges $25 for a party. So I targeted my parties to the 30 and up crowd. And I charged $10 to make my parties more affordable, undercutting my competitor at the warehouse who has a great space but rarely gets many men because his price is too expensive. There is also a friendly African guy who has parties in Baltimore or D.C. mostly on Monday or Friday nights. I know him and try to have parties on nights when he doesn’t have them. In fact, he has sent some of his regulars to my party when he is not having one in the area.

ADVERTISING IS FREE: I posts ads on Adam4Adam and Craigslist at no cost. I also have a pretty extensive lists of contacts on my cellphone and I use them. But the best advertising is word of mouth. If folks have a good time at your party they will come back and maybe bring a friend the next time.

PROVIDE THE BASICS: For every party I buy a bottle of mid-shelf vodka and rum and sometimes wine if I have it plus ice, cranberry juice, Coca Cola, some chips and dip, breath mints or gum and some fruit like grapes or sliced oranges. Buy several bottles of inexpensive lube. Van and I also pick up handfuls of free condoms at gay bars, clinics or gay-friendly stores and use these for parties. Try to keep your supply costs around $50 and remember once the liquor runs out tough luck for guests who come late. You are not trying to get folks drunk, just loosened up socially.

Younger men are cute but you need a good mix of ages and body types to make a good party because different things appeal to different people. Photo courtesy of

Younger men are cute but you need a good mix of ages and body types to make a good party because different things appeal to different people. Photo courtesy of

MAKE THE ATMOSPHERE SEXY AND INVITING: I set up two upstairs bedrooms and a room in my basement as sex rooms, complete with dim, electric candles and clean sheets. Van and I play porn in a third upstairs bedroom which is set up as a sitting room. Guests can go there to jack off and relax or even freak if they want. Another area of the basement is set aside for people who want to smoke cigarettes or weed or just relax and of course the main floor living and dining room are open to guests who want to chat or listen to house music that I stream from my computer through speakers.

MAKE GUESTS FEEL AT HOME: Van and I greet each guest personally at the door, take their clothes, fix them the first drink, and give them the rules of the house. We also welcome people of all body types. Folks seem to appreciate this and say we are consummate hosts.

GIVE OUT ONLY BASIC INFORMATION: When folks try to get an invite to your party be brief and to the point. Give the address, the price and whether condoms and lube will be provided. Don’t waste your time on dudes who ask how many folks are there, how many tops and bottoms do you expect etc. These dudes are the ones who never show anyway. Plus I have discovered there are guys who get off on talking about what happens at sex parties. My answer is always, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you want to find out come to the party and bring your $10.”

KEEP THE KIDS AWAY: Young gay guys can be cute and have great bodies but when it comes to sex parties I try to keep as many under-30 people out as I can unless I personally know them. The reason why is that some younger guys come to sex parties to stand around and gawk or try to find their next boyfriend or Sugar Daddy. Another irritating thing I notice is that some younger men like to get high on weed or stronger stuff like methamphetamine to get in a party mood or they practice unsafe sex. Van and I try to promote safe sex practices by putting condoms around the house. We also advertise our parties as the grown and sexy set that is coming to freak, make a few new friends and go home.



Never Shit Where You Eat

rentsignI warned my friend. I told him.

But “Zee” did it anyway. He started fucking around with that hot, young light-skinned man who rented an apartment in one of the properties Zee owns.

“You shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, Zee,” I warned. “Never shit where you eat.”

“Nah, it’s cool. I can handle it,” Zee said.

Zee is middle-aged but still attractive. He has a well-paying job, family that loves to be around him, and travels and stays involved in various activities. In other words, he should not be desperate for some ass.

But this young man “Jamal” was friends with some friends of his, who were fucking that muscular bubble ass, getting their dicks sucked by Jamal’s luscious lips and sucking on Jamal’s thick red dick.

So Zee wanted to have what everybody else had. Ain’t that the way we men are?

So Zee would make excuses to go over to his rental property and would knock on Jamal’s door for one reason or the other and Jamal would answer in his underwear and…well the two men started doing what comes naturally.

It wasn’t long after the sexual antics began that Jamal began telling Zee he was $200 short on his rent here or $300 short there. And being like 15 days late paying when he did pay all the rent at the same time.

“I told you this would happen Zee. And you really can’t do shit because if you take him to landlord court he will claim you had a relationship and you gave him a cut on the rent in exchange for sexual favors.”

“Nah Immanuel. He can’t do that. He has a job at the courthouse and can’t get caught up in some faggetty drama like that.”

“Well Zee you know you are paying him for sex. Because every time he is short on the rent or paying late you have to pay that mortgage.”

“Yeah, you are right,” Zee said looking sheepish and embarrassed. But he kept hitting that shit anyway.

Things came to a head this week. Jamal  had disappeared and was almost two months late on the rent. Zee finally caught up with him and Jamal said he is moving back home to his parents by the end of August. He says nothing about catching up on July or August rent.

He left the apartment a cluttered mess, filled with old furniture and piles of paper and clothes.

This is how Jamal left the apartment.

This is how Jamal left the apartment.

And another photo.

And another photo.

Zee is lucky. Under Maryland law Jamal could have sat in his place for four months free without being evicted.

“Just be nice to him and get him out of there as soon as possible so you can rent it out,” I said.

But do you think Zee learned anything. He asked me whether he should still try to keep in contact with Jamal and get sex after he leaves.

I burn with anger. Zee is a good friend. I don’t like seeing him taken advantage by this young irresponsible trick. If I see Jamal in the streets or at the club I promise myself I will cuss him out or threaten to smack the fuck out of him if he says some shit.

“Don’t you get it Zee? Jamal was not your friend. He was using you. Let it go.”

And we change the subject and talk about something else.

My First Online Video

My first online clip. That ass was good and the bottom was letting me know I was making him feel good too.

My first online clip. That ass was good and the bottom was letting me know I was making him feel good too.

Okay, I’ve been curious about doing a video for a long time so decided to take the plunge and post on

Here is the back story. This 30-something bottom I have kicked it with in the past asked to come by before he had to go to work. I was off that day.

He said he just wanted to suck my dick. But it got a bit more intense than that.

Here’s a link to the clip. It’s only a minute and a half. Enjoy.


Gay Relationships: Is everybody having their cake and eating it too?

It seems like every gay couple I know, even ones who are married or in long-term relationships, play with others. So should we change our definition of a committed relationship?

It seems like every gay couple I know, even ones who are married or in long-term relationships, play with others. So should we change our definition of a committed relationship? Photo courtesy of

Some of my friends say I am intuitive or possibly psychic. You probably didn’t know it but I read palms. And I’m very accurate.

So after I fucked “West” on a day off from work last week I got this feeling of absolute knowing about him. And no, it wasn’t butterflies in my stomach from the lovemaking, which was serviceable but nothing to write home about.

“Where is your lover,” I asked.

West, a slender brown-skinned, middle-aged guy with shaved head and a 10-inch uncut dick that had swung between his legs as I pounded him doggy style, looked surprised and paused a moment before he spoke.

“Do you want a story or the whole truth.”

“The full truth.”

And then he told me. He has been in a relationship for 10 years. They married about three years ago. He and his husband have a mortgage, a dog, a nice bank account, and three adorable adopted children all under age 12.

West loves his man to death and would never leave him. They click on so many levels and look out for each other. But in the bedroom things are just so-so.

“He is a white man in a black man’s body,” West said. “No rhythm in his fucking.”

So when West, who often tops, wants a good fuck-down he looks outside of his relationship and lines up dick on the sly. Which isn’t difficult because his job requires him to work at different sites around the state.

“I like what I like,” he said without a trace of guilt.

West’s solution to his relationship’s shortcomings is not unusual in the gay world. I know so many committed, long-term relationships where the partners have sex with other people.

Sometimes the other partner doesn’t know or sometimes the two work out an arrangement. And sometimes each sides knows but don’t talk about it, kind of like a “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” rule.

This sex outside of a relationship thing is so common I think every gay couple in the DMV is doing it.

It’s gotten so bad I have a friend who has fucked two men in a relationship separately.

The  partners don’t know they are having sex with the same outside squeeze. In fact, they all socialize with each other. I would love to be at a cocktail party with all three and watch the maneuvering.

Yesterday “Van,” the man I date, and I were at Home Depot in Glen Burnie. This interracial gay couple was there. They had their daughter with them, a cute little mixed race girl with brown ringlets.

They looked like the epitome of a modern gay family but appearances can be deceiving. They are not the Cosby’s.

“You know Van, those guys have a profile on line. The white guy is a top and likes to see the black guy get fucked. But the black dude is not averse to getting dick on the side without his man.”

How do I know this? They have both hit me up online. Separately.

It seems this open relationship thing works. As I have written before, San Francisco State University surveyed 556 gay male couples and found half had sex outside of the relationship with the knowledge of their partner.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say in this blog is monogamy just might not work in the gay world for most people and we need to change the definition of what a relationship truly is.

I mean, we are men and men like sex and the thrill of hunting down and getting something new. So why not have your cake and eat it, too, as long as everybody plays safely and you give your relationship the priority?




What it’s like to have sex with one of your favorite porn actors

He is one of my favorite porn actors.

He is a not a skinny young kid porn star like Jovonnie or Drilla or Jermany. He didn’t start acting until he was 40.

But he brings passion to the game that is irresistible. Particularly that group sex scene where he is drilling a bottom doggystyle on a hotel bed and cums with a roar and shoots nutt everywhere — on the bottom’s ass and into another guy’s mouth.

Wow that is hot. Let me rewind that and jack off to it some more.

To me there is nothing sexier than a mature black man. The porn actor I rolled with fit the bill. Photo courtesy of Mature Black Daddies thread (

To me there is nothing sexier than a mature black man. The porn actor I rolled with fit the bill. Photo courtesy of Mature Black Daddies thread (

So imagine my excitement when I went online and learned he lived not a mile away from my house. From time to time I would hit him up and chat and invite him over for a threesome or a cookout or card party. And he would always be polite and sometimes say he would come but never did.

But Friday before last I was fucking a bottom before work and invited him over and he said, “Yes, sure thing. A TGIF morning sex session would be nice. Give me time to get showered.”

It took him so long to come over the bottom, who had to go to work, fucked and left and I was alone when he knocked on the door.

There he was, the man from my digital dreams standing in sweat pants and a pullover in my dining room.

“Hey the bottom just left. You just missed him by five minutes. He had to go to work.”

“Oh okay. I’m sorry.”

“No problem,” I said, fully intending to chat a moment and then send him home so I could dress and go to the job. My work clothes were already ironed and laid over a chair.

However, we looked into each others’ eyes for a hot second and I saw desire so I made a move. I walked over to him and maybe I kissed his neck, or his mouth, or pulled up his shirt and lapped on his nipples. I don’t remember which.

And it was on. We were all over each other. In the dining room and back up the stairs to my bedroom. Kissing each other deeply and taking turns sucking each others’ dicks.

I have to admit it was weird being in bed with someone I had only seen on my flat screen TV or laptop. It was like your favorite Superhero from a comic strip come to life.

His skin was a richer, dark, chocolate brown than onscreen. His smile brighter. He was more slender — the camera does add 10 pounds. However his dick definitely looked bigger.

But the passion that came through on the screen was still there. His moans were just as hot.

I didn’t fuck him. We just did some serious foreplay and frotted, rubbing our dicks together. His skin felt so warm and supple against mine.

“You are so sexy man. And damn you have a pretty dick.”

Can you imagine what it is like to have a person you objectify for their sexiness tell you you are sexy? My ego jumped to the roof.

After we busted a nutt I got dressed for work and we talked about everything from gay relationships, to travel, to folks we knew in common. That was almost better than the sex — he was very intelligent and a free spirit like me.

Since our meeting we have texted on the phone and promised to develop our friendship. I hope we do.

P.S. The porn star knows I blog but I promised not to reveal his identity.


7 Kinds of Black Tops…

Okay readers, since I did the 7 Kinds of Black Bottoms I had to do Tops too, right. Like the bottom entry I wrote this in jest (well, kinda sorta). If any Top you know is like one of these seven types the similarity was purely coincidental.

The Daddy Top

He is usually a middle-aged man who has an obsession with younger, tight bodies. Maybe the Daddy Top is going through mid-life crisis and these young men help recapture a part of his youth. Or maybe he is not as successful as he should be at his stage of life or is emotionally insecure and naive young bottoms looking for a Daddy figure are the only ones he can bullshit into giving him some ass. They often choose careers where they have access to young people, such as high school teachers, counselors, and sports coaches.

Sexual habits: They are partial to slender, in-shape guys or the feminine crowd. Some use sex with younger men to compensate for all the control they lack in real life. So many like to dominate their partners. “Get on your knees and suck this dick, you little bitch,” “You like Daddy’s dick, don’t you?” and “Call me Daddy” are common expressions they use during sex. Although not necessary pedophiles, their craving for young ass can sometimes have a devastating legal and financial impact on their lives. Remember Bishop Eddie Long?

Natural Habitat: The gym, high school sports events, church, bars and clubs where young gay men gather.


The Stick-It-In Tops

These are usually straight-identified men who have been curious about gay sex so decide to try it. They simply want to go in, get their nutt, and get back to girlfriend or the wifey as soon as they can. Or they can be gay men who just have poor lovemaking skills, perhaps because they have a big dick or are extremely handsome so never really had to work to get ass.

Sexual Habits: They are usually so horny and pent-up they don’t care who they fuck, as long as it’s a warm ass. Fat, short, skinny or lame they don’t care. They don’t kiss, they don’t eat ass. They just want to lay back and let the bottom suck their dick and get them hard. Then they stick it in and fuck and get their nutt. Did the bottom get his nutt, too? They don’t give a fuck. Their target of choice: low self-esteem bottoms grateful for some dick or bottoms who get off on pulling some “straight” dick.

Natural Habitat:  The office, gym, straight clubs and bars, sports bars, gay clubs.


The Husband Top

They are really looking for the ONE. That handsome, well-rounded bottom they can come home to, tell all about their day, and have a home cooked meal. Sometimes the husband top comes from a culture where traditional male/female roles are the norm (I notice many are Caribbean or African). Or he may have transitioned from the straight to gay world and wants to duplicate the type of relationships he had with women. Or he is not into endless hookups and recreational sex and really savor an emotional bond.

Sexual habits: They are usually into sensuous, romantic good sex, at least at the beginning of a relationship. They also like it on a regular basis…like every Friday night right after work. But the danger is they fall into a boring sexual routine or have less sex if the relationship grows stale. The Husband Top is also more prone to sitting on his ass in front of the flat screen and gaining weight, just like many of  his straight, married counterparts.

Natural Habitat: Church, online hook-up sites where they advertise for relationships, house parties, sporting events.


The Gym Top (aka Muscle Tops)

Like the gym bottom, these dudes are looking for extremely well-built bottoms. They work out a lot and keep their bodies in shape, and think their sex partners should try to at least keep up the pace.

Sexual habits: They are sometimes into a lot of wrestling before they get down to the business of fucking. This gives them a chance to really admire and check out their partner’s bodies. Massage oil is essential during foreplay, all the more to get their muscles glistening and more well defined. A word of caution — don’t be surprised if they have a smaller dick or can’t carry a conversation. You see, the muscles sometime compensate for what is lacking in other departments.

Natural Habit: The gym, sporting events, the Penn Relays and Blatino Oasis.


The Tops Who Like Other Tops

They may be tired of banging out thirsty bottoms and want to take a break by getting together with another top who is into some mutual making out and oral.

Sexual habits: They advertise on online hookup websites as tops but are always hitting up other tops, especially ones that show big dick shots. They give the best head, better than many bottoms, because they really like dick. They may team up with another top to threesome because they get off watching another dude tear up some ass. Or they may secretly want to bottom but can’t get up the nerve or are afraid they will mess up their stud reputation. So during the threesome they live vicariously through the bottom. There are also some Tops Who Like Other Tops who get a thrill from making guys who identify as tops flip and bottom for them. Because everyone knows tops have the best ass, right?

Natural Habitat: Gyms, bath houses, sex parties, online.



The Feminine Top

He is so trendy and effeminate you think he is a bottom or at least a verse. That is until you get him in the bedroom.

Sexual habits: Feminine tops often have big dicks. And believe me they know how to use them. Don’t be fooled by all that swishing and his designer man bag and manicured nails. He will fuck you into next week then get on Twitter to brag to the “girls” about how he made you bitch out for his dick.

Natural Habitat: Clothing stores, beauty parlors, Gay Pride Parades and events, fashion shows.


The Delusional Top

This is a man ashamed of being gay and thinks bragging to the world that he is a big macho top will deflect from what he really wants to do — bottom or be versatile.

Sexual habitats: They brag that they throw good sex but the sex is often lackluster. They will top you a few times but then around the second or third session they will show their true colors by asking you to finger their hole while you suck their dick and to eat their ass out. Before you know it you will be fucking them more than they fuck you. But shhhhh! Don’t tell their buddies. It would blow his cover.







7 Kinds of Black Bottoms…

 Okay readers I wrote this in jest (well, kinda sorta). If any bottom you know is like one of these seven types the similarity was purely coincidental. Oh, and check out the 7 Kinds of Black Tops too.

The Church Bottom

He never misses Wednesday night Bible study or Sunday morning and evening service. But trust and believe you will find him in the club on Friday and the sex party on Saturday night, although he has to leave before 11 p.m. so he can be rested for morning worship. He tends to dress well but a little too flamboyantly — colorful bow ties, plaid or pastel suits and color-coordinated socks.

Sexual habits: They usually tend toward the femme side and insist on masculinity in their men. They like to spoil their men with home-cooked meals and shopping trips to get them new suits and shoes (for church service, of course). They are freaks in bed (all that frustration from having to live righteously for the rest of the week) but tend to feel guilty afterward because they are certain fornication outside of marriage is a sin. But since they  tend to flock to conservative, homophobic churches marriage is out of the question. They secretly crush on the minister and head of the deacon board.

Natural Habitat: Choir rehearsals, Kirk Franklin concerts, usher board meetings, all-you-can-eat buffets like Golden Corral after church service, and COGIC conventions.

Screenshot courtesy of Holy Ghost Enforcers online TV show.

Screenshot courtesy of Holy Ghost Enforcers online TV show.


The Gym Bottom

He has a great body and knows it. You will catch him at the gym Monday night, Tuesday morning, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. He only takes breaks on Friday night to hang out with friends and Sunday to nap. He obsesses over his waist size, bicep size and weight and with eating low-carb, low-fat, high protein foods and wheat grass smoothies.

Sexual habits: Mostly gym bottoms are into other muscular guys. But if they can’t find a muscular dude a big dick will do. Oftentimes they are selfish lovers who think because they have Adonis bodies you must worship them. But ironically some gym bottoms are more likely to be into raw, high risk piggy sex or into using drugs. You have to balance all that healthy living with some bad habits, right?

Natural Habitat: The gym, health food stores, marathons, vitamin shops, the Penn Relays and Blatino Oasis.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The Masculine Bottom

He prides himself on being unclockable and will take a traditionally masculine job (construction worker, drug dealing, cable installer, business owner) to mask any hint of his sexuality. Most of his friends swear he is a top and he gets hit on by bottoms and women all the time. But he likes to keep the fact he likes riding dick on the down-low.

Sexual habits: It takes him forever to get a sex partner because he is picky. The dude has to be straight acting because there is no way he is going to let a queen ride his back. He also wants to make sure the person is discreet because he doesn’t want to let his business get out. On sex hookup websites and apps he will advertise as a top or verse top who “will take dick when and if the vibe is right.” Secretly he is ashamed of being gay and will date women or even claim he is bisexual to cover. He will surprise you in bed — that deep voice will turn soprano when he gets some good dick.

Natural Habitat: Straight bars, road or building construction sites, Little Wayne concerts, the gym, the corporate boardroom, sporting events, PTA meetings, amateur sports leagues, WCW wrestling matches, city council meetings and prison.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The Neo Dandy Bottom

He wears all the latest fashions. No matter how large he is the clothes will be tailored and fitted tightly. He lives and breathes for the latest issue of GQ and Vogue and Beyonce is his God. Talk about her and you might get cut. Beware because Neo Dandy Bottoms may be more flash than substance. These are types who will put off paying rent or buying groceries so they can get that $495 Gucci messenger bag.

Sexual habits: Like the church bottom he insists his man be masculine. In fact, some like the thug type and pride themselves on pulling straight dudes. However, others favor the bohemian, artsy crowd and are not averse to dating older white men, especially those who are well-connected and can get them into the latest art exhibits or exclusive lounges or help them catch up on rent in exchange for a blow job. Sex with them tends to be so-so. They don’t like to get too sweaty or rough.

Natural Habitat: Art galleries, book signings, high-end designer stores, exclusive restaurants, Atlanta, and circuit parties such as Sizzle.


 Party Bottoms (aka Power Bottoms)

They never miss a sex party and there is never enough dick to satisfy them. In fact, if you are hosting a sex party they will call ahead to make sure you have a lot of tops so they don’t waste their time. They tend to be attractive and in good shape, but not so obsessive about fitness like gym bottoms.

Sexual habits: They all share a fantasy of being gang banged by a bunch of big-dick tops. Many of them have lived it. They can be very nice guys but don’t try to date them unless you want an open relationship. Because you may sling dick well but you will never be enough for them.

Natural Habitat: Sex parties, bath houses, truck stops, outdoor cruise spots.

A power bottom in its natural habitat.

A party bottom in its natural habitat.


 The Over-the-Hill Bottom

When they were young they were the shit. Everybody was trying to get into that ass. But they didn’t keep up their game. As that got older they didn’t keep that body in shape or cultivate new friends or try to act their age. They are old faggots still playing young faggot tricks. Yet they still think they are the bomb.

Sexual habits: They tend to like rough trade and thugs and younger dudes and are not averse to paying them for their services or hiring escorts. To attract men they tend to dress too young for their age or too flashy and may resort to makeup and plastic surgery. Sadly they can be domestic violence victims or more prone to being robbed or assaulted or taken advantage of financially because they tolerate more to keep younger dick.

Natural Habitat: Gay bars (they tend to be the first there and the last to leave and will get loud or irate if you sit on their usual stool) or house parties where never bring a dish but try to eat all the food and drink all the liquor.


 The Feminine Bottom

They tread the fine line between being gay black men and being transgendered. They like to grow their hair long or wear extensions and have a larger collection of fuck-me-pumps and lingerie than a Playboy model. They can also walk in high heels better than Naomi Campbell.

Sexual habits: If you can get past the femininity they make some of the best and most loyal lovers around. They are freaky and love to get their lovers off. They live for dick and know how to treat it. The only drawbacks are that they tend to refer to their assholes as “boi pussy” and repeatedly make the irritating claim their love boxes get naturally wet, just like real pussy (it’s the lube honey! It’s the lube!).

Natural habitats: Department store cosmetics counters and high-end designer stores, beauty shops, fashion shows, drag balls, and Gay Pride parades.